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Urban Elektrix is a young, vibrant and highly motivated business that wants like-minded people to join the team.

We don't currently have any positions available open at Urban Elektrix. Be sure to check back here if you're are interested in working with us.

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Whether youre an apprentice or an experienced sub-contractor, Urban Elektrix is always looking for motivated people to join our team. Send us your details...
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Why do business with us?

Urban Elektrix have the runs on the board when it comes to an experienced, qualified electrial company.

  • Experts in all electrical works
  • Professional and on time
  • Great communication
  • Can work to all budgets
  • No unexpected surprises to clients
  • Experienced in all sized projects
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Why Do Business With Us
Latest News

Latest News

Catch up with all the latest news, media and events from Urban Elektrix.
Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

It’s our expertise, professionalism and a vibrant team which sets us apart.
Join the Team

Join the Team

Urban Elektrix is always on the lookout for experienced electricians.

Urban Elektrix and sustainability

Urban Elektrix is committed to a sustainable future for it’s clients, employees and the environment. We adhere to all safety and environmental guidelines and operate under safe work practices at all times.

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Urban Elektrix proud to be a Green Team
Urban Elektrix and Sustainability

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